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Company's history

Sacconaghi Monaco S.r.l. maintains and owes its name to its two founders:                        Enea Sacconaghi and Piero Monaco.

In 1890, Mr. Enea Sacconaghi inherits from his father in-law, Mr. Koelliker Rolls Royce( titled family in the automotive industry ), the commercial business of Industrial Textile Agencies , then located at number 10 of Via San Gregorio. - The company from Koelliker, is changed its name into Enea Sacconaghi.

It is in 1909, that a very young Piero Monaco, is hired in Sacconaghi , at 18 years of age, and is sent shortly after to Sacconaghi’s branch office in Brasil – There, a very entrepreneurial and pro-active Piero Monaco, in saddle of his horse, sells all kinds of accessories for the Textile ( * see ring for spinning machineries ), as well as for all kinds of other businesses that he happens to encounter ( from sugar mills, to carpentry mills – etc ). Here Mr. Monaco remains until 1913, when he decides to come back for his voluntary service for the Great World War I . ( attached a very interesting booklet on Piero Monaco and its great virtues).

In 1919, under direct request of Sig. Sacconaghi, Sig. Monaco becomes an obliging partner, and then becomes majority partner when in 1934, at the death of Enea Monaco, he becomes partner with his widow, Ms Kolliker.

It is then, in 1936, that the company changes to its final name into Sacconaghi Monaco.

Mr. Piero Monaco, except for being a recognized technical seller of Industrial Textile Machineries, from primarian British, German, Swiss and other Machinery Producers, was even more known for its generousity and dedication to social solidarity. He founded, among others, the “Lina & Brothers Monaco Foundation”, in memoir of his beloved dead brothers and sister. The foundation has given to those students who deserves highest praise but are needy, a quite generous support – Moreover, with other Charity Activities, Mr. Monaco, he has given his contribution in other forms, not only in terms of money to needy people and to needy communities, but also in participating actively to those projects.

Today, Sacconaghi Monaco, is a commercial reality that is deeply involved in other activities, except for the more traditional Industrial Textile Machinery Agencies, which remains and always maintains a major role.

In fact, the activity of the company has broaden up with the entrance of Ing. Marco Cabrini, son of Piero Cabrini, leading example and beloved boss, who targeted the company in the 2000’s ( hired in 1963 by Piero Monaco, at the age of 23, to which Mr Monaco leaves the opportunity to take over his firm, along with other partners and eventually throughout the year the majority of the Co. ) to the Non Woven Industry.

Thankfully to precious partners and co-workers, today the activities of Sacconaghi Monaco have broaden and have survived the difficutlies followed to year 2000- These activites have broaden into:

Second Hand Machineries ~ Service – Maintenance – Spare Parts ~ Engineering – Relocations of entire Plants/departments.~ Raw Material.

Today it is a relatively young ( mid 40’s ) dynamic group, fully aware of contributing to bringing forward its History and that of Italian Textile throughout the world. Innovation too!

Sacconaghi Monaco s.r.l.
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