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Babcock - Artos - Famatex - Kranz spare parts

In order to provide to our long time customers a valid after-sale service,  we Sacconaghi Monaco, due to our long experience as agent of Babcock Textile Maschinen, which conculded itself with Babcock bankruptcy in 2000, after 30 years of agency, have decided to offer to our client a service and have organized oursleves in retrieving spare parts suppliers and handling customers' requests also for this old principal.

Mr Stefano Giuriato,   is encharged in our office of handling customers' requests, along with the 'field' requests of customers, done directly to Mr. Jurgen Koniarski,  chief of BTM service for Italy, when it still existed unitl year 2000, and since then employee/consultant of Sacconaghi Monaco.  

Some spare parts available:

  • anello gomma introduzione
  • portaspilli combinato
  • protezione disinfilaggio
  • spazzola a settore
  • dado vite altezza macchina
  • cinghia gruppo introduzione
  • trasformatore accensione bruciatore
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