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X-Rite is world wide leader of innovative solutions in the field of colour controll, in applications such as: printing, packaging, photography, grafic desgin, etc..


X-Rite distinguishes itself from an international perspective thanks to a company structure that guarantees a presence in all countries, comprising Italy.

Summarizing the X-rite products are:

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X-Rite - Right on Color

The best minds in color technology are constantly striving at X-Rite toward one purpose: To find new ways that help people create perfect color.

Through its acquisition of GretagMacbeth, X-Rite is the undisputed global leader in color measurement and color management technology. In any industry where color specification is critical, you’ll find X-Rite hardware, software and support services leading the way in measurement, formulation and matching of color.

The company serves an array of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.

X-Rite’s hardware includes spectrophotometers, colorimeters, densitometers and related accessories that accurately measure color in a variety of industrial applications. The company designs and manufactures a whole spectrum of color instruments that range from handheld units to high-end precision bench top devices to online solutions built directly into manufacturing production lines.

But you’ll also find X-Rite technology in consumer related applications, such as matching color samples and paints at home improvement stores, correlating the colors shown on the monitors of photographic studios with their printers -- even measuring the various shades of white on teeth in dentists’ offices to better match dentures.

X-Rite software provides functionality for measuring color, matching color and formulating color. You’ll find applications for sharing color, storing color information for easy retrieval, and controlling quality at every level of the color supply chain. We help our customers save thousands of work hours and millions of dollars that would have been spent on rework and waste by making sure the colors are right the first time and every time in their processes.

For visual evaluations of color, X-Rite engineers have developed lighting solutions that include light boxes, viewing booths, even entire rooms dedicated to viewing colors under proper conditions.

Color standards from the Munsell division are used to define and characterize color in photography, agriculture, aerospace and many other specialty areas. For instance, Munsell color vision tests are used to ensure everyone in a supply chain is applying the same color standards by determining how individuals at each company perceive subtle shades of colors.

X-Rite completes its spectrum of color solutions with color services. The company offers consulting, training, e-learning and support programs help make sure end-users are getting the maximum benefit from their color products, no matter what industry they serve.

True to our reputation as a customer-oriented company, X-Rite’s sales staff makes customer satisfaction its top priority. Our production personnel take great pride in manufacturing instruments and writing software of uncompromised quality, shipped on time. Our customer success organization embraces every opportunity to show companies how to fully utilize X-Rite advanced solutions and our color services offer an inspired experience.

With headquarters in Kentwood, Michigan, X-Rite serves customers worldwide from more than 20 offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
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Sacconaghi Monasco s.r.l. is X-Rite' agent since begininning of 2009.

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