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Osthoff-senge was founded in 1912 at Wuppertal and is still family owned. The medium sized company specialises in the construction of singeing machines. With more than 3000 units in operation, Osthoff-Senge is the market leader in this field. Progressive thinking, continuing development, comprehensive know-how and decades of experience are the cornerstones of success; Osthoff became a by-word for singeing.


As a supplier to the textile industry throughout the world, the company has active and competent agents in all countries where textiles are produced.

Heart of all osthoff-senge singeing machines is the Double-Jet Burner

  • regular distribution of the mixture by means of a series of expansion and compression chambers
  • uninterrupted flame band achieved by exit of the gas:air mixture from two parallel slot nozzles
  • generation of homogenous, stable and uniform flame by ideal combustion of the mixture within combustion chambers formed of moulded ceramic bricks
  • generation of a highly concentrated flame rich of energy; the prime requirement for singeing textile materials of natural, regenerated and synthetic fibres
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Sacconaghi Monaco is proudly agent of Osthoff since January 1st , 1953!


Since 1953 the sole agency for the Italian market is Sacconaghi Monaco s.r.l

Osthoff-senge GmbH & Co. KG
For further information about the products of Osthoff-senge contact us:

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