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CANALAIR is a company specialized in Industrial Aero-Textile Plants in standard Textile and in Non Woven Textile.
From 1991, Canalair designs ( Canalair Technology ), produces, tests and installs ( Canalair Service ) Industrial Aero-Textile Plants of all kinds and dimensions, tailored to meet the requirement of the various sectors of the textile cycle. Being traditional Textile or Non Woven. The scope of delivery is a “turn-Key” air conditioning solution.


The optimization of the environmental conditions, particularly of the working environment, guaranteeing stable air-conditioning solutions, has become a top priority for Canalair.
The problems that every company faces are different: from the presence of heat soruces in a production environment, humidity, temperature and the presence of polluting agents. Canalair’ system to control thermo hydro metric and contamination values are customized to customer requirements.
Canalair, that has the adequate technical and commercial supports in all countries, has made of its mission its motto:
“ There is innovation in the air, Canalair is Your partner for a world of quality ”.

Saccoanghi Monaco is Canalair’s exclusive agent for the Italian Market since 01.05.2004-

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CANALAIR is a company specialized in Industrial Aero-textil Plants in standard Textile and in Non Woven Textile.
Founded in July, 1991 by Mr Luciano Canali ( technologist of Industrial Planning and Systems realization ) and Maurizio Braga ( Responsabile for the entire commercial development of both acquired and new developing International Markets ), the company is located in Valle Seriana, in the city of Cazzano S. Andrea (BG) and has two branches: CANALAIR da America S.A. de C.V. in Puebla, Mexico; and from July 2008 CANALAIR Air Solutions Pvt Ltd in Coimbatore, India.

Sacconaghi Monaco s.r.l. is the sole agent for Canalair in Italy since 01.05.2004.


Since 2004 the sole agency for the Italian market is Sacconaghi Monaco s.r.l

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