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YIWU 2013

19 - 22 November 2013, YIWU International Expo Center, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

Special Thematic Zones Promoting One-Stop Convenience to End-users
  • Seamless Underwear Machines
  • Knitting & Hosiery Machines
  • Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machines
  • Yam Winding & Covering Machines
  • Yarns, Fibers, Lace & Spare Parts
Yiwu is located at Zhejiang Province and is the distribution centre of hosiery & garment commodities, daily average visitors flow 200,000 times. Over 66,000 commodity shops are concentrated at the "International Trade City" and over 2, 100 shops are selling Garments and Textile products, such as Silk & Cotton Socks & Underwear etc. There are 2,652 representative offices of companies from 89 countries in Yiwu, (accounting for half of the total in Zhejiang province).
The phenomena of "One out of three socks is made in Yiwu" can fully reflect Yiwu's predominance of being the small commodity production hub in China and the world. Not only the knitting industry, but also the hosiery industry is significant in Yiwu. There are 1425 socks manufacture enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and the exports is more than 600 million U.S. dollars, translating into 15.62% of Yiwu's exports and 12.1% of the worldwide market. Yiwu has more than 150 seamless knitting manufacture businesses and supports over 30,000 workers, which can manufacture 150 millions seamless underwears, 500 millions shorts, translating into 73% of china production scale and 24% of all over the world.
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